Acquired Spaces listens to the needs of our clients then utilizes our experienced designers to achieve your goals and elevate your space to the next level.




With more than 25 years of experience, Acquired Spaces has a solid reputation providing creative and flexible design solutions. It is our eye for detail that has built our fantastic portfolio and allows for an ever growing list of clients.



Our unique team (architectural interior designers, MBA/JD, branding/promotion manager and operations team) take the lead thru this journey by offering our knowledge to ease the process and help you develop your dream design... in a fiscally responsible manner.


Healthcare & Hospitality

You need for your patients to have an unforgettable experience, this begins from the time they cross your threshold. From floor plans and paint schemes and art work...  furniture, equipment... and lightscapes that complement the entire project, we create a design strategy that works for you.

Modern while warm luxury residence.



The Playa Vista development is based on the theme of open spaces meeting urban places. Our client wanted this theme reflected in the design of their luxury residence


photo room.jpg

A Tudor style building houses an ultra modern medical spa.


Bridging the gap between exterior and interior spaces is often a design challenge. The transition must smooth to avoid shocking the senses. Here we used modern furnishings and finishes united with traditional materials to achieve a cohesive design.


pasadena door.jpg

Privacy that goes two ways.


Our client needed a space for a caregiver to live in with their senior family member. The space needed to provide privacy for the caregiver when off duty, privacy for the client at times and at other times...  easy access to the senior 24/7. Our solution was to create a one bedroom apartment with a private entrance in the former space dedicated to the master bedroom and bathroom.  The same solution would work for a family creating a space for an older relative to move in.... the mother-in-law suite.


015bc8a18212fed9c562c8ad5a7bb4550c7a0f9ebb_00001 - Copy.jpg

Mixture of modern and traditional. Blended to create a warm luxurious residence.


Traditional design, modern architecture and colors perfectly blend to create a home fit for both baby boomer and millennial owners.   



Unexpected Remodel.


A disaster forced our client to unexpectedly, completely remodel their office. The need for a quick design and changes in the code between the first build and the rebuild necessitated a completely different office reconfiguration. We captured space by removing walls and replacing them with glass and open concept operatories.



La Quinta, California

A four bedroom, five bathroom vacation home needed a face lift. The client wanted to include features in the home to bring the outside in. We highlighted the front entry with an etched glass door that replicated the mountains outside. 

Entry door and window mountain highlight.jpg

Design theme..

This home is a combination of “Tommy Bahama” meets the Mediterranean. Understated touches from the Mediterranean and tropical patterns are introduced throughout the home.  The color palette is light and airy. 

lq living room 2.jpg
lq master room.jpg

... balanced with bright pops of color.

residential backyard with photoshop.jpg

We look at all aspects of your home from curb appeal to the little details that make your home feel comfortable as we design your space. Here we added a powder room, an outdoor kitchen, private master bedroom patio and bedroom.


residential interior ven.jpg

Developers, healthcare facilities, commercial and large residential projects typically want concept drawings of the project prior to construction documents.


We do that.

Clients can visualize their design prior to the expense of construction documents. They also include their vision in investor and loan applications 

Sage Mountain Vision Care  A holistic optometry practice specializing in Functional and Developmental Optometry.    22311 Brookhurst St, #105, Huntington Beach, CA 92646

Sage Mountain Vision Care

A holistic optometry practice specializing in Functional and Developmental Optometry.  

22311 Brookhurst St, #105, Huntington Beach, CA 92646

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” — Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple, Inc.

Light and Color from nature always works.